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Brace yourself: Curly-haired cats are a thing (PHOTOS)

Cat people, your day is about to get a little better. We’ve found curly-haired cats on the Internet and their frizzy fur is 100 percent real.

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The Selkirk Rex breed is responsible for these coiled coats and they take fluffy to a whole new level. Think just fell out of a tumble dryer kind of effect and you’re almost there.

They may look like toys but they’re real cats and they’re just begging to be squeezed.

According to The Cat Fanciers’ Association, the Selkirk Rex breed began in 1987 from a curly-haired housecat called Miss DePesto of Noface, who was discovered in a shelter in Montana. (Let’s just take a moment to appreciate that name.) Persian breeder Jeri Newman bred Miss DePesto to PhotoFinish of Deekay, a black persian, and they produced three curly-haired kittens out of a litter of six.

The Selkirk Rex may come as a short hair or long hair cat and is believed to be one of the breeds least likely to bother those who suffer from cat allergies.

Too. Cute.

Courtesy: Mjao, Lennox, Floyd & Bibi/Instagram

Courtesy: Mackenzie/Instagram

Courtesy: Rob Convery/Instagram

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Courtesy: Oksana Markova/Instagram

Courtesy: Williewillan Willimies Wiikinki/Instagram

Courtesy: pineapple610/Instagram

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