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7 Easy DIY ways to make your house smell like fall

Bring the warm, cozy scents of fall into your home this season with these simple recipes you can make within minutes. From cinnamon and pine to pumpkin and citrus orange, “scentscaping” is the hot, new way to make your house smell amazing. Fill your home with seasonal scents in every corner by trying one of these DIY projects just in time for the holidays.

Whether you prefer lighting candles or simmering pots, take a look at these seven easy DIYs brought to you by the Blogger Community at Porch.

1. Simmering pot

Instead of lighting scented candles, mix a few of your favorite fall scents into a pot with water and let it simmer all day long. Get the recipe for this cinnamon orange simmering pot here.

Image: The Happier Homemaker

2. Room spray

Spritz the seasonal smells of fall into every room with this delicious pumpkin spice room spray. Get the full list of ingredients for this room spray.

Room Spray
Image: Welness Mama

3. Spiced candles

DIY your favorite fall scent by making your own beeswax spiced candles. Follow this step-by-step tutorial to create these spiced candles.

Image: Little House Living

4. Potpourri

Combine your favorite fruits and spices of fall and winter to create homemade potpourri. See what ingredients you’ll need for this DIY winter spice potpourri.

Image: Julie Blanner

5. Air freshener

Make a cinnamon orange air freshener to keep the smell of fall fresh all season long. Get the full tutorial for this air freshener recipe.

Image: Shaken Together

6. Pinecones

Have a bunch of pinecones in your backyard? With essential oils and cinnamon sticks you can DIY your own cinnamon pinecones. Get the how-to on making these cinnamon pinecones.

Image: Where your treasure is

7. Soap

Soap is simple to make and great to give to friends as a gift. You can DIY this pumpkin spice soap in just 10 minutes. Follow this quick pumpkin spice soap tutorial.

Image: Happiness is Homemade

What is your favorite way to fill your home with the scents of fall? Tell us in the comments below!

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