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7 Enchanting makeup looks to easily copy from star beauty bloggers

If you ever feel like you’re in a makeup rut, scrolling through Instagram or YouTube is a fantastic way to get some new makeup inspiration. But between the different blogs, YouTube channels, websites and Pinterest boards, it can be a daunting task to sift through the bunch.

To make your hunt for a fun new beauty look to try just a tad easier, we found seven creative makeup tutorials you’re actually going to want to try. Get your mascara wands ready!

1. Blushing pink from Keiko Lynn

Keiko Lynn DIY Makeup
Image: Keiko Lynn

Beauty blogger Keiko Lynn created this soft pink look with a touch of shadow, a flick of eyeliner and a blushing rose lipstick.

2. A purple cat eye and pink lips from Hello October

Hello October DIY Makeup
Image: Hello October

Suzie from Hello October created a quirky combo for anyone looking to break the mold. This purple cat eye and pink lip combo is a winner for any cocktail party.

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3. A burgundy matte lip from Lily Pebbles

Lily Pebbles DIY Makeup
Image: Lily Pebbles

UK blogger Lily Pebbles shared her favorite shades and tricks to get this potent pout on her eponymous blog.

4. Autumn bronzed lids from I Covet Thee

I Covet Thee DIY Makeup
Image: I Covet Thee

I Covet Thee blogger Alix created a step-by-step video to show you how to master this bronzed smoky eye in under 10 minutes. We can’t stop staring at her mesmerizing transformation.

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5. A navy smoky eye from Life With Me

Life With Me DIY Makeup
Image: Life With Me

If you’re ready to take your nighttime look up a notch, take a cue from Mariana from Life With Me. This hazy, navy smoky eye is a quick way to accentuate darker eye colors.

6. A touch of emerald from Maskcara

Maskcara DIY Makeup
Image: Maskcara

In case you’re not as adventurous with your eyeshadow selection, look to Cara of Maskcara to solve all your color woes. In this makeup tutorial, she teaches you how to dab a pinch of emerald in the corner of your lid to make your look pop.

7. The femme fatale from Cityscape-Bliss

CityScape-Bliss DIY Makeup
Image: CityScape-Bliss

To really amp up your look, opt for a retro-inspired feline flick and deep cherry lipstick. This tutorial from Cityscape-Bliss is a must-try for any vintage fan.

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