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This owner took his cat for a walk and introduced him to 50 dogs (VIDEO)

When you think of cats, you probably see them hanging out inside or running off into nature alone. That’s because it’s not very common to have a cat who likes to walk with a leash and hang out with a bunch of dogs.

However, Boomer is not your average cat. He actually enjoys going for walks on a leash with his owner, Robert Dollwet, a self-proclaimed “cat man,” just like a dog. In this hilarious, adorable, amazing video, Boomer goes to a dog show and interacts with over 50 dogs as if he were just one of the pack.

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Can we just talk about how this little guy is the most fearless kitty ever? Boomer walks right up to every dog, no matter the size, and gives them a little kiss and/or nose-to-nose nuzzle. He’s either super extroverted or really does think he’s a dog. Some of the bigger ones even seem scared of this fluffy feline, which I suppose makes sense — unstoppable confidence can be intimidating. However, most are just as curious as he is, and their interactions are too cute for words.

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My favorite moment has to be the kitty-French bulldog-Pomeranian three-way meeting. It doesn’t get more adorable than that. Until Boomer sits on the baby Frenchie’s head, that is.

Image: Ally Hirschlag

Boomer has an older cat sibling named Didga who’s just as outgoing and fearless when it comes to dogs — and skateboarding, apparently. The cat family seems to be having a great time getting into various shenanigans that their owner has graciously shared with us on YouTube. While Didga is the original star (his videos have gotten over 38 million hits), Boomer definitely looks like he’ll be a formidable contender.

Hopefully the rising cat star and the current favorite will pull a Nashville and end up working together on funny videos rather than competing for fans.

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