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Forget words, it’s all about the emoji keyboard now — and it’s brilliant

Say goodbye to the days of miscommunication via text (and being restricted to just 26 letters) because there’s now a keyboard that lets you communicate purely with emojis [happy face].

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These beauties are made by EmojiWorks and run on Mac OS X, iOS and Windows on tablets, laptops and desktops — so basically cater for all your needs.

The most afforable Emoji Keyboard is available for pre-order at $50, the Emoji Keyboard Plus is $75 and the Pro could be yours for $100. And in addition to the regular emojis that we all know and love so much (we’re talking about the smiling poop, obviously); there are also some new additions like a taco, a unicorn and a skull and crossbones — although when you’ll need the latter we’re not sure.

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The company’s selling point is “finally, a keyboard that speaks your language” and it’s got that right. Some examples we can think of when you really just need an emoji keyboard: when Bae messes up and you don’t feel like talking so you just send an angry face. Or when you hear some really surprising news and you’re left at a loss for words then there’s that shocked face emoji.

Yes, the emoji keyboard really does make life a whole lot easier and sending someone a crying face or a taco has never been simpler and faster. And while this idea may seem ridiculous to some, as a society our needs are rapidly changing and so is the way in which we communicate so, who knows, in the future maybe QWERTY keyboards will no longer exist and be replaced by emoji ones instead?

Or maybe not but it’s still a cool idea.

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Would you purchase an emoji keyboard? Or can you think of nothing more ridiculous? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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