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4 Strategies to boost your career momentum every day

Want to fuel your career momentum? To have work days where you rock? Try these four strategies:

Abbreviate toxic encounters

It’s easy to have a bad day at work, particularly if you work alongside individuals who carry negative energy. We all experience those who push our buttons and bring out the worst in us. The solution: make these encounters brief by not carrying another’s toxic energy into the rest of your day.

Easy to say but hard to do? Realize you choose what you accept and take on. Consider that if someone else hands you a gift and you don’t reach out to accept it, the gift stays with the giver. Similarly, if a toxic individual floats you a cloud of poison, don’t breathe in and don’t stand there. Instead, wish them well and exit alone, without this baggage.

Let the past be past

It’s easy to become stuck in the past, to think thoughts you’ve thought before and continue to reach the same conclusions. It’s tempting to try and rework situations or relationships that didn’t pan out. Do you want to stay stuck?

If a supervisor, co-worker, employee or situation made your life miserable last year, and you or they have moved on to a new job, leave them behind. Starting today, drop them from your mind. Why carry dead weight forward? Let the past be the past.

Admit the areas of your responsibility

A mirror can be your greatest professional development tool.

When you have a difficult encounter with another individual, it’s easy to focus on what the other person did wrong. If you focus on how the other person is to blame, however, you leave the power to fix things to the other person. Instead, explore what you could have done differently or have learned from the situation. Then, as quickly as you can, act on your knowledge. Admit your limits.

Sometimes, the errors you make slam a hard fist into your stomach. You can become paralyzed if you make a mistake so powerful you can’t forgive yourself. At other times, you can spin wheels trying to fix a situation that worsens rather than improves. If you’d like greater job momentum, realize making mistakes comes with the territory and that you can’t fix all situations. Sometimes, victory comes from saying, “I goofed and don’t need to learn more of a lesson.”

Avoid the hollow people

Some of your coworkers don’t believe in themselves or in performing their jobs. These hollow employees never move forward. They are The Walking Jobless. Don’t join their ranks. Job discontent carries a high price tag, while job commitment delivers a daily psychological paycheck.

Are you ready to power your career with a surge of positive energy and success? Let toxic coworkers carry their own weight away. Bury the past. When you have mistakes to admit, make the truth welcome. Let The Walking Jobless journey alone. Make those days in which you’re really “on” an everyday experience.

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