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Makeup essentials you should never skip

Makeup selections have come a long way over the decades. Now we have hundreds of choices just in the cosmetics aisle in our local drugstores. However, so many choices can be overwhelming. As a result, some women feel as though they cannot wear makeup because they do not know enough about every product on the market. The reality is, you only need five makeup essentials to look beautiful every day.

Tinted moisturizer, BB or CC cream

These products take less work to apply than foundation. You do not need a fancy makeup brush or sponge to apply these bases to your face. Simply use your clean hands to smooth and blend the base over your face and neck.

Try CoverGirl CG smoothers BB Cream

Eyeshadow/eyeliner stick

Having two-in-one makeup items is beneficial for women who lead busy lives. You have two makeup items in one product, and they are color coordinated, so you will not need to worry about clashing colors when you step outside. Simply apply the eyeshadow first, flip the stick and then line your eyes with the liner side.

Give e.l.f. eyeliner and shadow stick a try.


Try to purchase a waterproof mascara. They tend not to smudge, and they hold up through rain and tears. A waterproof formula made to give you fuller lashes has a greater impact than one that just gives the illusion of longer lashes. A fuller-looking fringe frames the eyes better. If you also want length, look for a waterproof mascara that gives you both length and volume.

Two of my drugstore favorites are CoverGirl Super Sizer waterproof mascara and Physicians Formula Sexy Booster Cat Eye Mascara. (The Physicians Formula is not waterproof, but it survived allergy tears and lasts into the night).

Cheek/lip tint stick

This dual makeup product saves time and keeps your colors more coordinated. Pick a color that resembles your natural flush — the color seen when your face is flushed from heat, physical exertion or cold. Using your fingers, lightly apply product to the apples of your cheeks and blend upwards and outwards until you reach your side hairline (about the same level where the top of your ears are). For lips, use your pinky to swipe color from the stick and smooth over your lips. Apply as little or as much as you want until you get your desired saturation of color.

ULTA Lip and Cheek Color Stick are easy to use and $10 or less.

Loose or pressed powder

Loose or pressed powder is used to set your foundation. Ideally, you would buy a powder that matches or comes close to your natural skin tone. You can also use a translucent powder, but these are strictly for setting your foundation and touching up to reduce shine. Many apply powder right after they apply base. If you had a mishap with blush and the color is too intense then apply powder last to help tone that blush down.

I like e.l.f. Flawless Face Powder because it is cheap, contains salicylic acid and absorbs oil.

These five products are easy to use for makeup novices for easy everyday makeup. Even if you are skilled with makeup application, these are great for those days you are running late for work. They also are easy to carry items for your purse for when you need to be made up on the fly.

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