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Winter skin care tips every woman should remember

I know I have to stay on top of my regime and not skip a beat during the winter months.

Here are my beauty reminders to get you through to spring and help you avoid unnecessary breakouts

  1. Don’t skip the SPF. Yes, I know you aren’t hitting the beach anymore, and it is no longer flip-flop season, but SPF should still remain a critical part of your routine. The sun is the sun is the sun. It shines no matter how cold the temperatures drop.
  2. Hair masks. I hope you use hair masks at least once a week all year long. If you don’t, here’s the memo to get started! Hair masks are a really simply way to add moisture and shine back into your locks in a really affordable way. Some people opt for more expensive treatments at the salon, but you can keep your frizz tamed with plenty of drugstore options for less.
  3. Don’t forget about pedicures. You shouldn’t stop taking care of your feet just because you are wearing boots and no one can see your perfectly manicured toenails. If you don’t want to get pampered at a spa, no problem! There are tools you can use in the shower to exfoliate your heels that work just fine. Consider an electronic foot filer. I’ve been using one for months and cannot get over how smooth it leaves my soles. If you keep up with the maintenance of your feet, you will eliminate the risk of cracked skin. We all know how painful that can be!
  4. Nighttime pampering. This might not be the sexiest of looks, but consider giving your skin an extra boost for softness by sleeping with extra moisturizer on your feet and hands and covering them with socks. I know what you are thinking: You’ll look foolish. Well, guess what? In the morning when your hands are super soft, you’ll thank me. You can use petroleum jelly if you have it, or just stick with your favorite lotion. For an extra pampered feel, add some essential oils to make it feel spa-rrific.
  5. Drink water (lots of it). I know I am going to sound like your mother when I say this, but have you drank enough water today? Moisture comes from the inside out, which means that if you aren’t hydrated, your skin will suffer. First thing in the morning, pour yourself a glass of room temperature water and get started. You’ll have eight glasses under your belt in no time.
  6. Exfoliate. Another absolute must for your skin throughout the winter is exfoliation. The delicate skin around your face needs it — as well as the rest of your body. Choose products wisely. Know your body and don’t feel the need to exfoliate daily. Get into the habit of working it into your shower routine two to three times a week.
  7. All lip balm isn’t created equal. Your lips are bound to chap during the winter, but it’s important to pick up a balm that isn’t waxy. You are really looking for products that will penetrate the first layer of your skin and make sure SPF is included! You can also double this product as a cuticle softener. Bonus!

So, there you have it! Your seven beauty reminders to help you get through this winter. Do you have any that you’d like to share? I would love to hear them!

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