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DIY festive holiday centerpiece filled with chocolate kisses

Decorating for the holidays is something we love to do!

The more festive and creative we can get, the better! I often find myself putting themed items together when I decorate for Christmas. Sometimes the most unexpected things end up being perfect. This centerpiece is not only gorgeous and inviting, it captures attention and starts conversation. Best of all, it’s edible!

Holiday Centerpiece
Image: Kelly Dixon/SheKnows

DIY festive holiday centerpiece filled with chocolate kisses


  • Glass flower vase
  • Cake stand
  • Milk Chocolate HERSHEY’S KISSES in holiday colors (3 bags or more, depending on the size of your vase)
  • Various decorative picks (found at craft stores during the holiday season)
  • Christmas greenery

For my centerpiece, I picked out various red, green, and silver decorative picks, as seen below. These picks are designed to stick on a Christmas tree, on a wreath, and can even be used as a gift topper.

Holiday Centerpiece
Image: Kelly Dixon/SheKnows
Holiday Centerpiece
Image: Kelly Dixon/SheKnows


  1. Separate the Milk Chocolate HERSHEY’S KISSES by color. In this case, the holiday bag has 3 colors: red, silver, and green. For this centerpiece, I only used red and silver.
  2. Place a layer of silver HERSHEY’S KISSES along the bottom and gently press them down to make sure that they are leveled. This prevents the layers from getting uneven.
  3. Next, place a layer of red HERSHEY’S KISSES on top.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you get to the top of your vase.
  5. Finally, gently stick the decorative picks in the vase just like you would with flowers. I put the taller picks toward the back and the smaller lollipop ones near the front.
  6. Place the finished vase on top of a cake stand.
  7. Wrap Christmas greenery (faux or real) around the bottom of the cake stand.
Holiday Centerpiece
Image: Kelly Dixon/SheKnows

Everything stays in place so nicely with the layers of HERSHEY’S KISSES! A cake stand is a great way to create various levels in a centerpiece. I love when things are easy like that! In our house, I put coordinating Christmas decor just behind the centerpiece. Those silver and red gifts are about the same height of the centerpiece, but because the vase is sitting on top of the cake stand, your eye is automatically drawn to it. Greenery is an important feature for any centerpiece. It adds a different texture, breaks up the colors and fills space in a beautiful way.

You could place this centerpiece on a formal table or even by your front door (people love grabbing a sweet treat before leaving!). I think it would look fantastic in an office, a classroom or even on a desk at work.

Happy holidays!

This post is part of a sponsored collaboration between Hershey’s and SheKnows

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