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Black Friday is more than stampedes of angry shoppers

Every Thanksgiving, my best friends and I stuff ourselves full of turkey and mashed potatoes, throw on the tackiest Christmas sweaters we can find and make our way to the store. That’s right, we are avid, Black Friday shoppers.

Before you start the gasps, let me tell you why we brave the madness.

First, Black Friday has become a tradition for us. It’s fun! We head out in the wee morning hours dressed like a bunch of crazy Christmas fanatics and don’t return home until the afternoon. We get deliriously tired, hopped up on a little too much Starbucks and spend countless hours laughing. As we’ve grown older, we’ve had less time to spend together, which makes our annual shopping trip something we all look forward to. There’s a lot to talk about while you’re waiting in some of those long lines.

Black Friday is entertaining. In my area, I’ve never witnessed the ugly situations you see on TV. I’ve seen a few people tackle a mountain of $3.00 bath mats, then walk away with a cart full of them, but I’ve never witnessed a full-blown, bust-the-doors-down stampede. Those situations are scary and ridiculous if you ask me. We tend to stay out of the first spot in line and sit back and watch as the shoppers rush to a mountain of… plastic storage containers or Dirt Devils. It’s funny the things people will go crazy over.

For the most part, everyone is excited! Again, I’m speaking from my experience in my area. Most of the people we encounter are just like us; a group of friends or family, out to have a good time. I mean, when else can you literally shop overnight?! Although there are long lines, most people go out expecting it and are prepared to be a little patient. I know we are. We always treat all of the employees with respect and kindness because we appreciate them!

Black Friday
Image: Brook & Erica/SheKnows

Lastly, there’s the deals. I’m putting this last, even though it’s really the main focus of the day. We plan out our shopping route based on when each store opens and clip our coupons just to get the deals. Sure, we could shop online and believe me, we do that too, but the memories made and the fun we’ve had are all worth braving the stores.

When it’s all said and done, Black Friday to me is about friends, fun and scoring a few deals; and that is why I celebrate it.

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