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Cat-embossed rolling pin is the tool you need to complete your kitchen

Finally, after all those times I wished I had a cat-embossed rolling pin, I can now impress my friends with my baking skills (complete with cute cat shapes).

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OK, I admit I’m lying — the thought of using a cat-embossed rolling pin had never crossed my mind, but now that we’ve spotted one on Etsy from ValekRollingPins, there may be a strong desire to own one. This genius idea belongs to owner Zuzia Kozerska-Girard and is basically the greatest way to show off and create the most incredible cookies and pies, complete with kittens.

According to the “About” section of the store, Kozerska-Girard came up with the idea because she “really madly enjoy baking cakes, cookies, birthday cakes… but decorating is a whole different thing. I never really managed to make my pastries look fun and delicious without spending the whole weekend on it.”

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The first piece was a cat rolling pin created on her niece’s birthday, who is “absolutely nuts about cats!” Yes, we can totally relate. So. Cool.

Cat embossed rolling pin is awesome

But back to the rolling pin in question. It’s made from solid beech, protected with oil (the fact that it’s a natural product only makes it more awesome) and sells for US$33.47 (around CA$44), according to the product page.

And what if you’re not all that into kittens? Well, then the store has a wide range of other awesome embossed rolling pins, including dogs, dinosaurs, cars and even ghosts (if only we’d seen this before Halloween).

Embossed rolling pins are the best things ever
Image: ValekRollingPins/Etsy


Embossed rolling pins are the best things ever
Image: ValekRollingPins/Etsy

Pure brilliance.

embossed rolling pins are the best things ever
Image: ValekRollingPins/Etsy

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There’s a whole store of these awesome utensils, so you can spend hours (and small fortunes) browsing or buying from the store.

Impressed? We are. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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