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8 Tricks to make your living room the comfiest place in the house

Countless hours are spent cuddling on the sofa, catching up on Netflix, or playing board games in the living room. It’s a place that is synonymous with coziness and warmth. Make yours the comfiest room in the house by following these easy suggestions.

1. Explore alternatives to overhead lighting

Living Room Lamps
Image: Sadie + Stella

There’s something about overhead lighting that casts a sterile wash over everything (not to mention the harsh shadows). If you’re trying to create an inviting atmosphere, don’t underestimate the allure of accent lighting — think table and floor lamps — for creating a soft, cozy glow.

2. Embrace mismatching

Living Room
Image: Inspired By Charm

Think back to the living rooms you’ve entered that have made you feel at home the instant you walked through the door. Chances are, the one thing they all had in common was that they were perfectly imperfect. Art, furniture, accessories — living rooms that feel eclectic (yet still curated) give the impression that it’s OK to come in and kick back. You can be yourself, which is the hallmark of comfort, right?

3. Invest in an amazing couch

Living Room Couch
Image: American Signature Furniture’s Cordoba Gray II 2-piece sectional

If you had to pinpoint the heart of any living room, it would be the couch. It’s the spot you want to curl up on after a long day at work. It’s where everyone piles up to play cards around the coffee table. Having a couch that is both comfortable and beautiful ensures that anyone who enters will want to linger longer — and they’ll want to linger on that awesome couch. Invest in a quality piece that is sure to bring you comfort and happiness for years to come. We love the Cordoba Gray II 2-piece sectional, because it looks super modern and hip, but it’s so lush and soft you won’t be able to resist sinking into it.

4. Provide plenty of other seating, too

American Signature Furniture
Image: American Signature Furniture’s Gotham swivel chair

As amazing as your couch is, offering a few other high-quality seating options gives you more flexibility — you may not want to hunker down in the same place every day. But it also allows guests to decide what’s comfiest to them. Some people may prefer an overstuffed armchair. Others might love to sprawl out on a chaise. Your idea of furniture nirvana may be different than someone else’s, so rounding out the mix with a few different styles will make your living room comfier to you and a wider range of company.

5. Texture, texture, texture

Living Room
Image: Indulgy

When it comes to comfort, textiles are key. No one wants to snuggle up to a throw pillow that feels like plastic. Layers of varying textiles such as a plush area rug, down throw pillows, and a nubby blanket will add interest, depth and most of all, an utterly inviting aura. Put a good book or two on the coffee table and you may never want to leave.

6. Don’t overload it

Living Room
Image: Lovely Life

Between ample seating and tons of texture, it may seem inevitable that every nook and cranny of your living room will be filled. However, having too much stuff in the living room can create the opposite effect — instead of comfortable, it will make you feel claustrophobic. To keep from tipping the scales in that direction, leave some empty space to lend an air of tranquility.

7. Use rich tones

Living Room
Image: Hi Sugarplum!

Perhaps the quickest and easiest way to add some inherent warmth to your living room is to bring in warm or extra-saturated pops of color. Depending on the size of your room and how much natural light it gets, you may not want to paint the walls a cranberry red (a sort of universally cozy color). But you can incorporate it through accessories like stacks of cuddly throw blankets, or in decorative pieces. For alternatives to red, other warm tones include golds, oranges and browns.

8. Make it personal

Living Room
Image: Love Grows Wild

Admittedly, having lots of knickknacks in a room can be a big design no-no. However, a few well-placed tchotchkes with sentimental meaning can really enhance the cozy feeling you are trying to convey. The same goes for family photos — don’t go overboard lest you run the risk of overwhelming the space, but a sweet table grouping or contained wall collage will give your living room heart.

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