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The perfect makeup routine for the workday morning

In a corporate setting, it’s hard to get away with no makeup at all. How you wear your makeup can make or break how credible you look, the first impression you make and the way others perceive you.

In fact, Harvard research, sponsored by Proctor and Gamble, has found that a woman who wears her makeup appropriately (as opposed to no makeup, or too much makeup) will be perceived to be more competent and trustworthy in the workplace.

We’ve compiled a list of five pro makeup insider tips from top make-up artist Deborah Williams to help you revamp your morning makeup routine:

  1. Wear foundation (and be sure to moisturize properly beforehand)
    • An uneven skin tone can make you look older and more tired, but a smooth, even complexion can make you appear more vibrant and youthful.
    • Be sure to use the right shade!
  2. Use bronzer to shape your face
    • How to apply bronzer: start at the forehead and blend bronzer into the hairline. Bring the brush along the side of your face and, starting at your ear, sweep brush under your cheekbone in line with the outside corner of the eye. Then, sweep the brush under your jawline and blend under the chin — the sun never reaches under the chin and therefore it becomes very white, making it appear heavy. Applying bronzer under the chin will give the illusion of a stronger, tighter jawline.
    • Shaping your face with bronzer draws attention to the center of your face.
  3. Don’t use blush as a face shaper!
    • When applying blush, smile, pop blusher on the apple of your cheek and sweep up into the bronzer.
  4. Applying mascara opens and lifts the eyes
    • Do not apply so much that it appears clumpy and heavy.
    • Wiggle the brush into the base of your outside lashes and pull the brush out and up.
    • Leave the inside lashes free of mascara for a softer look.
    • If you’re a warm color, wear brown during the day, and if cool, wear grey during the day, and then apply black at night for a bolder look.
  5. Line lips when they’re softly together, as opposed to open.
    • That way, lipstick doesn’t gather into the corners of the mouth.

Once you figure out a makeup routine that suits your lifestyle, it will become almost second nature to you, and comes with huge rewards!

For more information on taking care of your skin, you can refer to our blog entitled, Beautiful Skin: Your Most Important Accessory.

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