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Angry parents accuse new PayPal advert of ‘ruining Christmas’ (WATCH)

I’ve been bracing myself for the “Mummy, is Santa real?” query all year. My eldest is nearly 8 years old and asking me difficult questions is his favourite thing to do right now.

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Sure enough it came last week. Apparently a kid at school (who shall remain nameless) told the entire class that “Mummy and Daddy buy all the presents.”

Cheers, you little tyke. I was hoping my boy would make it to at least 10 years old before I had to come clean about that particular parenting fib.

“Santa comes to you if you believe in him,” I told my son and he nodded in agreement. “Don’t say anything to your little sister!” I hissed at him before he scarpered upstairs.

We all have to deal with playground non-believers at this time of year, so the last thing we need is an advertising campaign suggesting the big guy in the red suit doesn’t exist, which is exactly what online money transfer service PayPal have created this year — and parents are pretty cross about it.

“This Christmas season, Peter, a very astute 7-year-old, notices that his Mum and Dad haven’t gone out to go Christmas shopping,” says the video caption on PayPal’s official YouTube channel. “That must mean one thing: no Christmas presents. Peter must break the bad news to his little brother and save Christmas for him.”

Man, my heart is breaking for Peter and his little brother already and that’s before watching the ad: 

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Critics of the advert, which has the very festive title of “No Presents,” claim the narrative suggests parents are solely responsible for Christmas gifts — meaning Father Christmas plays no part.

Many have demanded the film be pulled from broadcast and have complained to the Advertising Standards Authority.

Bring on the John Lewis Christmas ad is all I have to say.

What do you think of the PayPal “No Presents” advert? Does it ruin Christmas for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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