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How to budget for fertility treatments and still have fun this fall

Going through infertility is not cheap! When you learn you are dealing with infertility, the treatment options are pretty pricey. Many couples cut back on expenses to save money, but limiting your extracurricular activities can make the infertility journey worse. If you don’t do anything outside of work and home, you will end up focusing completely on infertility. Worry, fear and doubt will take over quickly without anything to distract you from the details.

The beautiful weather of fall and the many festivities that go with it give you plenty of fun and free things to do. Getting out of the house with supportive friends, family and your significant other for these free events will help take your mind off infertility and you won’t feel guilty about spending any money! Here are some of my favorite fun fall activities to do when you’re on an infertility budget.

Visit a state park or nature trail to experience fall beauty

The autumn colors on the trees and the fallen leaves on the paths will put you in the perfect fall mood. Consider going for a picnic wrapped up in a sweater and boots with plenty of pumpkin treats!

While you are in the state park, or any other outdoor area, go leaf picking to find the best looking leaves in the most vibrant colors. Once you have a great bundle of leaves, you can create some neat projects.

  • Simply preserve the most beautiful leaves in wax paper to remember this time of year all year long. Learn how from Crafty Journal.
  • Instead of buying flowers for an arrangement in your home, make roses out of the leaves you collected to create a bouquet. Visit Deer Pearl Flowers and scroll to the eighth item on their list of decor ideas to learn how.
  • Create a bowl made out of leaves for candy or miscellaneous home items with this balloon tutorial from Popsugar.
  • Spruce up your home with these seven fall decor ideas from Homedit.
  • Brit+Co has a huge list of fall leaf decor ideas to browse through as well.

Check out the nearest apple orchard

There are many orchards within driving distance of major cities across the country. Explore some of the options close to you and see which ones offer free admission. Most orchards will allow you to pick apples and pay for them later, but you can visit an orchard for free to explore.

Fall is the perfect time for festivals

Many cities hold their annual festivals in the fall, where you are free to walk around and explore the games, booths and food that is offered. Plan a trip to a local fall festival with friends and have fun exploring the different things to do.

Find a fall bonfire

The crisp night air is one of the best parts of fall. See if you can find a bonfire close to your home to attend for the evening. The smell of the fall air combined with the warmth of a bonfire is a fun and free way to enjoy the season — and the perfect time to reconnect with your spouse! Bonfires are very romantic. If you can’t find a bonfire, plan a trip to the country to go stargazing with plenty of blankets and pillows.

Bio: Nicole Witt is the owner of The Adoption Consultancy, an unbiased resource serving pre-adoptive families by providing them with the education, information and guidance they need to safely adopt a newborn, usually within three to 12 months. She is also the creator of Beyond Infertility, a community support site and online magazine geared towards families who have gone through infertility. You can visit that website at Beyond Infertility.

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