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7 Dogs who completely upstaged their owners’ engagement photos

Engagement photos are supposed to be all about the bride- and groom-to-be and their love for each other. However, if the couple has a pet, they often make their way into some of the shots.

Recently a hilarious dachshund named Louie decided to take center stage in his owners’ engagement photos in what turned out to be one of the most epic photobombing of all time.

Megan Determan bought Louie when he was just a puppy for her 25th birthday, and her fiancé, Chris Kluthe, didn’t come into the mix until two years later. So naturally there have been some territory issues. Louie does not appreciate having to share his mom with another man.

“If I’m snuggled up with Chris, Louie has to be right in there too,” Determan told BuzzFeed. “If I’m giving Chris a back rub, Louie wants to get one at the same time. When we were practicing our first dance the other day, he sat there and barked until I picked him up.” He’s probably already got his plane tickets for their honeymoon too.

Suffice it to say, when it came time for them to take their engagement photos, Louie was assured he’d get to make an appearance. However, the couple was not at all prepared for how featured he’d insist on being.

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Image: DnK Photography
Image: DnK Photography
Image: DnK Photography

You have to give it to him — he knows how to milk those tricky movement shots. However, despite several shots being all about Louie, the couple couldn’t help but love the photos they got. Determan knew he had a huge yen for leaves, so she wasn’t surprised by his behavior but loved the effect his playfulness had on the photographers. They ended up pretty much giving the day to him because he won’t be attending the wedding (shhh, he doesn’t know that yet and definitely won’t be happy about it).

While Louie’s an undeniably brilliant photobomber, he’s far from the only pet who’s gotten between couple and camera during their engagement photo session or even on their big wedding day. Here are some other equally impressive dog hams.

1. Bulldog love

Image: Jennifer Longaway

“I give this union my patented lick of approval!”

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2. Stepsiblings

Image: Tomasz Wagner

Their parents may be getting married, but these two are sooo not sharing a room.

3. Over it

Image: Krista Guenin

“Pleeaaase, can we go home now? I’m missing the new Cat Whisperer.”

4. Sad dog

Image: DnK Photography

“She never looks at me that way anymore…I’m hungry.”

5. Twin troublemakers

“Watch out, dude. She snacks a lot in bed.”

“Yeah, we have proof. Or we did. I may have eaten the proof.”

6. Runaway

Image: DnK Photography

“Screw you guys! Hey squirrel! Can I join you’re family?”

7. Awkward…

Image: DnK Photography

“This feels really, really wrong.”

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Learn more about Louie and the photographers at DnK photography here.

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