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The Lykoi Werewolf Cat Is the Answer to the Age-Old Cat vs. Dog Conundrum

If you’ve been agonizing about whether to get a cat or a dog, all of your problems are now solved — because there is a weird cat-dog hybrid roaming this Earth, and no, we’re not kidding. The Lykoi werewolf cat looks like a wolf, acts like a dog, but is really a feline.

This rare breed is adorable — in that “it has a face only a mother could love” type of way — which, of course, is a recipe for us to fall madly in love with it. And for a mere $1,950, you can adopt a Lykoi cat of your own according to the Lykoi Cats website.

Because of a unique genetic mutation, these (kinda) furry felines are left looking like their hair is permanently standing on end, which is the reason they’ve been nicknamed the werewolf cat. Not only do they always look scared, but some Lykoi cats can lose almost all of their hair when shedding and then regrow it as they get older — which is thought to happen because the breed doesn’t have an undercoat.

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Listen up, dog lovers, because the curious new breed also acts like a canine. They like to play, they’re loyal and they won’t even plot revenge against you behind your back. The name Lykoi is said to have come from the Greek word for wolf. The Lykoi have an acute prey drive, which means they’ll stalk and pounce on anything they think is prey.

And if you’re looking for a cuddle buddy, the Lykoi is definitely for you. Lykoi Cats — who claim they are the original breeders of the Lykoi — say the breed are totally heat seekers and even when they are not cold, they are going to look for warm bodies, cozy blankets and warm windows.

Um, the Lykoi cat had us at “hello.”

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What do you think about the Lykoi werewolf cat?

Originally published October 2015. Updated April 2017.

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