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Everything you wanted to know about pubic hair removal, from an Instagram star

“I’m going to make it completely normal to talk about pubes. It is feminine to have body hair.”

That’s how Instagram star — and body-hair free — Sjana Earp starts her latest video. The Australian traveler gets a ton of questions about hair removal for her fans, so she created an 11-minute ode to all things pubic hair to help answer those questions.

And answer she did.

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Sjana (pronounced ee-ahna) gives the definitive lowdown on all things hair removal, ranging from shaving to waxing and even laser hair removal. For shaving, she advises to exfoliate, shave against the grain of the hair for a closer shave and then moisturize to keep ingrown hairs at bay.

As for waxing? She goes over her preference of the full Brazilian, but also talks about the fine art of pube shaping into something that resembles a Dorito or “a triangle within the triangle.”

And for those pesky ingrowns, she advises girls to invest in a glycolic scrub.

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While not all the tips are super groundbreaking, Earp does a great job of explaining the finer points of hair-down-there removal… even those some of us women are afraid to ask because we’re supposed to know this already (I fall into that camp).

Most of all, this video rocks because she’s demonstrating to her younger fans that it’s just fine to keep or ditch hair and it should be up to personal preference, not the wishes of a romantic partner.

“There’s absolutely no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed about pubic hair… If you want to embrace it, embrace it. If you want to get rid of it, get rid of it. It is completely up to you.”

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