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10 Scariest places in Australia as seen on Google Maps

If paying a visit to some of Australia’s scariest places sounds all a bit much for you, there is a way you can explore them from the comfort of your own living room.

Some of Australia’s spookiest, most haunted and downright unimaginable sites around the country are accessible via Google Maps, and we’ve rounded up some of the spookiest of them all, just in time for Halloween.

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1. Boggo Road Gaol, Queensland

Boggo Road Gaol
Image: Google Maps

The Boggo Road Gaol in Brisbane was once known for violent uproars, escapes and hunger strikes. It’s one of the most notorious jails in the country with a history dating back to the 1880s. More than 40 people were hanged at the jail, including Ellen Thompson, who was executed for killing her husband. Most of the ghost stories surrounding Boggo Road Gaol feature the prisoners and their grisly crimes and experiences.

2. Port Arthur, Tasmania

Port Arthur
Image: Google Maps

Before Port Arthur became known for the tragic massacre that took place in 1996, this Tasmanian town had a long history of ghost stories and paranormal activity. It was actual a penal colony for former convict settlers and is now an open-air museum. One particular ghost sighting that comes up regularly in Port Arthur is a spirit woman dressed in blue who is thought to have died in childbirth along with her baby in the 1800s.

3. Fremantle Insane Asylum, Western Australia

Fremantle Insane Asylum
Image: Google Maps

The Fremantle Arts Centre was once the local insane asylum and people have reported sightings of at least 10 different spirits. As well as experiencing rapid drops in temperature, people have reported hearing voices, loud noises and seeing figures.

4. Old Melbourne Gaol, Victoria

Old Melbourne Gaol
Image: Google Maps

More than 130 executions took place at the infamous Old Melbourne Gaol and ghost tours are now available to the public to have their own interaction with a ghost. If that’s too much for you, though, check the site out on Google Maps. No ghosts have been spotted on Street View, yet!

5. Old Geelong Gaol, Victoria

Old Geelong Gaol
Image: Google Maps

The Old Geelong Gaol was a maximum security prison in rural Victoria and was originally built as a facility for convicts and prisoners before it became a school for street kids, a hospital jail and then an army detention barracks. Many people have reported ghost sightings within the building, while others have heard the sound of women screaming coming from the east wing where the industrial school for street kids was.

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6. Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum, Victoria

Mayday Hills Insane Asylum
Image: Google Maps

Beechworth is known for its colonial history and this is where the former Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum stands. It is said the site is haunted by former inmates that passed away on the premises.

7. Princess Theatre, Victoria

Princess Theatre Victoria
Image: Google Maps

It is said that the 1,488-seat Princess Theatre in Melbourne is haunted, with many ghost sightings, most coming from a spirit called the Great Frederici. He was an actor who reportedly died during a performance when he fell through a trapdoor on stage.

8. Mill Hill Hotel, New South Wales

Mill Hill Hotel, Bondi
Image: Google Maps

Many rooms of the Mill Hill Hotel in Bondi are thought to be haunted. Once a boarding house, it is thought that the spirit of the former hotelkeeper, William Phillips, haunts the building after he hanged himself in his room in 1910.

9. Waverley Cemetery, New South Wales

Waverley Cemetery
Image: Google Maps

Waverley Cemetery is picturesque, situated on the coastal cliffs of Bronte to the east of Sydney. It actually plays host to the graves of several important Australians, including Australia’s first Prime Minister, Sir Edmund Barton, and poet Henry Lawson. It’s even said that ghost sightings and paranormal activity are reported here daily.

10. Cuballing Hotel, Western Australia

Cuballing Hotel
Image: Google Maps

A spirit named Ted creates havoc in the Cuballing Hotel whenever someone does renovations. Ted was the hotel yardman and gets upset by any modifications to the hotel, with people reporting gas bottles and ice machines being left on in retaliation.

What scary spots around Australia have you spotted on Google Maps?

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