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7 Signs Christmas has come way too early this year

It feels like Christmas creeps up on us quicker and quicker each year. Before you can say, “Happy Halloween,” the skeleton costumes are out and Santa hats are in.

But that’s not even the half of it. The stores are playing Christmas carols in October, Christmas trees are filling the aisles and don’t even get me started on trying to do some grocery shopping without coming home with Christmas-related paraphernalia without even meaning to. Impossible.

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Has Christmas come earlier where you are, too? Well, then maybe you can relate to my early Christmas exhaustion. Here are some signs Christmas has definitely come too early this year:

1. It’s October and you already have Christmas carols stuck in your head

Christmas shopping exhaustion

2. You spent all your Melbourne Cup money on your Christmas shopping

Christmas shopping

3. The kids asked for advent calendars for Easter

Christmas chocolate

4. You accidentally bought a Santa outfit as your Halloween costume

Santa Halloween costume

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5. You go shopping for Halloween lollies for trick-or-treaters and come back with candy canes

Halloween trick or treat

6. It’s not even December yet and the Christmas frenzy is already getting too much to bear

Christmas Frenzy

7. But at least Christmas means summer party season is coming soon. We’ll drink to that!

Christmas Drinks

Has Christmas come too soon for you, too? Let us know below.

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