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Here’s the story behind how a dog became a baby deer’s foster dad (VIDEO)

Wild animals aren’t meant to be raised alongside domesticated pets, but sometimes you need to make an exception. That’s what Darius Sa realized after seeing this baby deer on his property.

Sa is a Lithuanian man who lives right next to Yellowstone National Park, so he and his dogs are accustomed to seeing wildlife all day long. However, one day, he noticed a family of deer with one fawn who was walking strangely.

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He mentions in the video he took of them that the limping fawn couldn’t keep up with his brother and mother, and he feared that eventually she’d be left behind. Sa told BuzzFeed that if a deer has two fawns, one usually doesn’t survive, and that was looking to be this impaired little guy. However, as a caring witness, Sa was not about to let that happen. So he took the limping fawn in, and nursed her back to health. However, his cats and dogs weren’t terribly happy about the new houseguest at first.

Image: honeysada/YouTube
Image: honeysada/YouTube

If that dog could speak, he’d probably say, “Um, are you kidding me with this?” However, eventually all the pets got used to the little fawn. Sa discovered that her leg wasn’t actually broken, but something was indeed wrong with it, so he made her a makeshift brace out of an oatmeal box. Anyone else think this guy might be one of the most kind and resourceful people ever? I’d definitely want him along if I were stranded on a desert island.

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He fed the fawn milk from a bottle as often as every four hours. Eventually she could run without the aid of the brace. However, Sa still wished she had the love of a mother. As if hearing his plea, his Burmese Mountain Dog Mack stepped up to the task.

Image: honeysada/YouTube

Mack started following the fawn everywhere, licking her every chance he got, and keeping a close watch on her as she galloped around the yard. Sometimes she’d even try to suckle on Mack, convinced he was her long-lost mom. While he couldn’t provide for her in that way, he played the loving dad role with aplomb.

Despite their affection for each other, Sa knew the fawn needed to be reunited with her wild family, so he set out to find them. He and the fawn spent many days in a nearby clearing searching for her mom, and eventually, they actually found her. At first the fawn was reluctant to leave, but after some time, mother deer and fawn came back together.

Several months later, he saw them all again happily grazing, the fawn siblings now adolescents. While Mack surely misses his adopted fawn baby, she’s definitely back where she belongs.

Image: honeysada/YouTube

Check out the full video of this little fawn’s journey below.

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