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6 Creative ways to wear gloves this season

It’s only a matter of time before gloves gain in popularity and become the next scarf — an accessory you can actually wear with everything from jeans to a dress.

Up until the 1960s, gloves and even glam elbow-length gloves were a required fashion staple for women, one that had an etiquette all their own. Understandably, they got pushed to the side at some point and were seen as being a little too stuffy for free love, but that kind of thinking doesn’t do them justice.

In addition to hiding a number of flaws, like an imperfect manicure, and protecting our hands from aging elements like UV rays and unforgiving winter winds, gloves can look freaking cool — if you think outside the box and are open to experimenting with them. These six ideas give us a glimpse into how creative you can get with a pair of gloves.

1. Fold them over
There’s no rule that says you have to wear your gloves one specific way. A fresh idea for how you can differentiate between an outdoor and indoor look is by folding over the tops of your leather gloves and pairing them with a three-quarter length sleeve top in the same color. The objective is to look as if you planned your outfit with your gloves in mind.

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2. Make sure they have purpose

These pretty leather gloves — gloves or handcuffs? — are by Lina Sych and feature cool pockets where you can stash your cash and cards. They’ll make you feel like a secret agent (and they come in purple).

3. Choose embellished gloves (or embellish them with jewelry)

Never think your gloves have to be just cotton or silk to make the cut. An interesting fabric or and embellishment — even latex — makes a big statement. You can also choose bracelets to wrap around your basic gloves, which really shines a spotlight on the accessory.

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4. A pair with a poncho

You may feel like you’re wearing a costume rocking elbow-length gloves with a formal gown, but the style looks a lot less precious when paired with a poncho and oversized watch. Cut out the fingers for maximum modern flair.

5. Rock a monochrome look

All of these gorgeous shades of gray-pink-taupe (right down to the blogger’s nail polish) bring her elbow-length gloves into the future. These pretty Ayla Gloves are made in Vancouver from bamboo, which is a sustainable resource, so you can feel good about your purchase.

6. Opt for ladylike white
The trick to pulling off little white gloves is to pair them with an outfit that makes sense — like this lace dress — but keeping your other accessories a bit tougher and rougher around the edges. Think Jackie Onassis, but with an edge.

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