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3 Tips for traveling with kids from travel guru Samantha Brown

As a travel journalist, I have the opportunity to meet a lot of cool people. One of the coolest is Samantha Brown. While on assignment, I had the opportunity to meet up with the beloved travel guru at her New York City home for a video interview.

While this hip globetrotter is best known as a Travel Channel host — her new series, 50/50, just kicked off last month — and the Travel Ambassador for AARP, her favorite job is being a mom. This busy lady has some great advice for new moms and how to make traveling with young kids stress-free and fun, including how to put those flying fears to rest.

Samantha Brown
Image: Julie Loffredi/SheKnows

My three favorite travel tips from Samantha Brown:

1. Don’t let kids see you stressed out!

While Samantha is a travel pro, she admits that traveling with her kids can make her a bit nervous. She’s learned over time that the easiest way to combat travel fears is by telling kids what to expect ahead of time — and to never let them see you stressed out.

2. Best snack food while traveling

Peanut butter is Samantha’s favorite travel food. The yummy food paste made from dry-roasted peanuts and packed with protein is her must-have travel snack.

3. Jet lag cure

Jet lag is that yucky feeling of fatigue and insomnia, common for those traveling across time zones. Samantha says that she’s found a way to beat those travel blues.

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