Hair salon pranking clients is cruel — but so funny (WATCH)

Oct 28, 2015 at 10:04 a.m. ET

When you book into a hair salon you expect relaxation and pampering, not the fright of your life. But it is almost Halloween so one salon in Cork, Ireland decided it was the right time to play a little prank on two unsuspecting clients.

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The team behind WhatSalon, an app for booking hair and beauty appointments, hired two actors to fool their clients into thinking a new “Scandinasian” hair product used on them had gone horribly wrong and was about to set their hair on fire. Hidden cameras were positioned around the salon to capture the whole thing.

James Kavanagh, who is popular on the social network Snapchat, played the stylist, while another actor was hired to play the role of a client whose hair began to smoke thanks to a hidden stick of incense.

The real-life clients, not being in on the joke, reacted as you would expect, realising that the same product causing the "fire" had been used on their barnets too.

Watch the video in full below: 


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Most viewers have found the prank hilarious but some have accused WhatSalon of going too far. Luckily the duped clients took it well — as you would, having found out your hair isn't actually going to fall out. Hopefully the salon gave them a lovely treat to make up for the trick.

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