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Designer is transforming jewellery from your ex into something magnificent

Before you throw away your wedding ring, and other sentimental trinkets that were given to you by your ex, we have some good news; there are jewellery designers who are transforming these old pieces into something beautiful and empowering.

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One such designer is Anna Loucah, who revealed that she often sees women transforming their rings and the results are freeing.

“The women that have commissioned me for remakes tend to see their decision as an empowering and practical one and I get the impression that they are celebrating the positive rather than reflecting on the negative,” Loucah said, according to Metro.

Yet while some find transforming existing jewellery into new pieces to be a therapeutic and practical process, there’s also another unique design concept — pieces motivated by divorce. Designer Gisele Ganne sought inspiration from divorce and her pieces include skull rings, adorned pendants, chunky crosses and even bold fur necklaces but nothing catches the eye quite like the divorce collection, including rings, a necklace and knuckledusters.

Divorce jewellery trend
Image: Gisele Ganne
Divorce jewellery trend
Image: Gisele Ganne

And there’s much more where that came from.

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“Divorce, mourning jewellery and other macabre subjects are the inspiration behind Gisele’s designs,” her website reads. “Over the years, Gisele Ganne expanded her label while working for prestigious jewellery brands such as Stephen Webster, Eshvi, Cacharel, Carolina Bucci and Tatty Devine” — and it’s a good thing she started her own range because she’s created quite the celebrity following, including Kesha and Lady Gaga.

The appealing thing about this collection, and jewellery like it, is that it’s sending out a strong message to divorced women: that it’s OK to be on your own and you are no less strong for it. Divorce is often considered to be something negative and taboo but the divorce jewellery trend is dispelling this.

The divorce jewellery trend is certainly on the rise, too, and there are many items available on Etsy which include inspirational messages and quotes

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If you look for it everything has a silver lining, even your old jewellery collection.

What will you choose? Let us know what you think of this concept in the comments below.

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