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Rapid Reads: 7 Big stories of the day

Full news stories? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Here’s the CliffsNotes version of the top stories everyone will be talking about today:

1. Disaster strikes

Yesterday there was a massive 7.5-magnitude earthquake in Afghanistan. The quake was so powerful, it was also felt in nearby Pakistan, India, and Tajikistan. The hardest hit areas were some of the poorest regions of the country, and thousands have had their homes destroyed or are without power. So far, 311 have been declared dead. The UN is coordinating a response, but the road to recovery will be long. — AP

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2. Oh, Trump

At an NBC-sponsored town hall in New Hampshire yesterday, Donald Trump told everyone about how many times he’s had to face failure and how making it in the business world was hard since his father only gave him a “small loan of a million dollars.” To his credit, he conceded that some people might think that’s a lot of money, but that hardly negates that he used it as an example of how it “has not been easy” for him. Trump’s releasing a book today about his plan for the GOP and how to fix America. Given that he thinks a million bucks is small, this should be interesting. — CNN

3. Congress definitely, maybe did something

Congress is about to agree — yes, we’re using ‘Congress’ and ‘agree’ in the same sentence — to a major budget deal that would raise the debt ceiling and increase spending by about $80 billion. They’re expected to vote on it as early as today, and there’s enough partisan support to pass it. Far right Republicans are mad because they think Boehner and his ilk compromised too much, but hey, compromise is how you keep the government moving. Congratulations on doing your job, Congress. — The New York Times

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4. So sad

In a story that sounds like something out of a horror movie, a 24-year-old aesthetician and salon manager was found dead inside a cryotherapy chamber in her salon. Cryotherapy is used in place of cold-water immersion for its skin rejuvenating benefits, and temperatures inside the machine can drop as low as 240 degrees below zero. Investigators believe she went into the machine on her own and likely suffocated. Her body remained in the machine for 10 hours. — BuzzFeed

5. Take me out to the ball game

Today is game one of the World Series between the New York Mets and the Kansas City Royals. The Mets last won a world series in 1986, and the Royals in 1985, so this will be a historic win no matter which team takes the prize. The game is tonight at 8:07 p.m. ET, so make plans to watch it after work. There’s nothing better than World Series baseball. Oh — just don’t eat a hot dog because the WHO says processed meats cause cancer. — USA Today

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6. Out of line

A school resource officer in South Carolina is under investigation after video showed him violently removing a student from her desk. The video circulated widely on social media yesterday where many pointed out the officer’s disgusting and excessive use of force. He’s been placed on administrative leave and will not return to the school. Court documents obtained by CNN show the officer has two prior lawsuits against him, and a spokesman for the police department says they’re “very concerned” by his actions. — CNN

7. Schumer & Schumer

Yesterday Amy Schumer and her cousin, Senator Charles Schumer, held a press conference in front of New York City Hall and urged lawmakers to back a gun bill proposed by Schumer. The bill would close the loophole that allows guns to be sold at gun shows and online without a background check. It would also fill in gaps in the background check system itself and stop the trafficking of weapons across state lines. The Schumers urged Americans to call and write their lawmakers, as well as tweet at them using #AimForChange. — MSNBC

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