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4 Career tips your cats would share — if they could talk

Are you at a loss for career inspiration? Perhaps you feel that your career has stalled. Sometimes career inspiration springs from an unexpected source — like the average house cat. As simple as the life of a feline seems, all cats possess inborn traits to ensure their survival. We can observe the common cat and apply those feline traits to our careers.

Cats are excellent hunters. Cats have the natural ability to hunt for food, even when the prey of your tiny house cat is a defenseless cricket. However, cats practice their skills. They sit for extended periods of time watching their territory. They observe their prey and time their attacks brilliantly. They are also tenacious. It may take a dozen tries to overcome their prey, but they stay focused and persevere until they succeed.

4 Cool career tips inspired by cats

1. Understand that job hunting is an active task requiring research, timely action and perseverance

Cats are very flexible. Have you witnessed the way cats effortlessly twist, bend, leap and flip? Besides their gymnastic and extreme vaulting skills, cats are flexible in other ways. Watch them instantly change direction or jump to amazing heights to snatch something they want. Be a cat when you’re looking for a job — discover the job you want, and manipulate your resume and interviewing skills to stretch in new ways.

2. Strive to adapt to new situations

There’s no time to complain about change or resist a new challenge. Instead, take a leap when presented with a challenge, and learn to pivot rather than digging in your heels when an opportunity for change arises. Cats have the ability to hide their pain. Cats may take a tumble or get into a scuffle with another creature, but they never let the other creature notice their pain or how they’re impaired. They maintain an appearance of control and strength. Always look like you’re in control; you can take the steps to get there when no one is looking.

3. Keep your cool even when you’re not feeling cool

Unless your job is professional wrestling or roller derby, you are not getting into physical tussles at work. Your lesson from the cat is to practice emotional control and increase your emotional intelligence in the workplace.

4. Be both prey and predator

Most animals are lumped into one category or the other: prey or predator. Cats are both predator and prey. To do well as prey and predator requires a high level of awareness and the ability to make a move quickly. Sometimes you may be proactively job searching. Like a cat, you are actively scanning for opportunities and ready to pounce on your target. On the flipside, it is the passive job search that is akin to the cat’s prey mode. For a healthy passive search, update your social media profiles, have your resume ready and network continuously.

The bottom line

Release your inner cat to build a robust and resilient career. Strive to excel in job hunting. Enhance your brand and increase your awareness so you become an attractive target in a passive job search. Flexibility and emotional intelligence are valuable traits in all aspects of your career. The next time you lack career inspiration, you might find the perfect muse is your neighborhood cat.

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