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Fans burned by vlogger’s cinnamon face mask recommendation

A popular French beauty vlogger is backtracking after a DIY face mask she promoted left some fans with burning skin.

In her video, Marie Lopez applied a concoction of “products we all have in our cupboard, in our fridge,” like chocolate, cinnamon and banana to her face, a recipe that she claimed will help “regenerate and purify” the skin.

But it’s having some bad side effects, according to some fans.

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“Certainly I have soft skin, but my cheeks are burning and dry as straw,” one fan wrote on her Facebook page, while another added that “cinnamon is dermocaustic and causes severe burns, and given the amount you put in, I think everyone will look like brownies after 3 or 4 applications.”

Dermatologist Dr. Doris Day recommends that people stay away from putting cinnamon on their faces. “I think that would be irritating,” she told CNN. “You wouldn’t get enough of a concentration of cinnamon, and you can probably even get blisters,” she said. “It’s a spice. If you put pepper on your skin, you can burn your skin.”

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But instead of being apologetic, Lopez fired back and put the blame on her fans.

“It’s obvious you should test a mask on your skin before applying it fully. If you feel it burning, don’t you remove it? Have a little common sense!” she wrote on Facebook, translated into English, adding, “File a complaint, go ahead. These recipes are as old as the world and in books of grandma recipes.”

“Reminder: I am 20 years old.”

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