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The super cheap (and simple) way to accessorize your hair

Kylie Jenner was spotted earlier this week with the latest (and super simple) way to accessorize: hair tattoos.

But it’s not exactly like Jenner started the whole thing. Savvy Instagrammers have been posting photos of the trend for months now.

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And for good reason. The tattoos come in a variety of styles — ranging from headband-like to larger image-like designs — and colors and are as simple to apply as a temporary tattoo on your skin.

You simply put the tattoo strip design-side down on your hair and blot with dampened cotton ball. Then, just remove the paper and admire your new hair.

Removing is as simple as washing your hair, so you can switch up the look several times a week.

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They’re pretty cheap, too. Scunci sells some for $5 at Ulta, but some companies on Instagram are offering customized hair tattoos. We’re not sure if there are limitations on how customized these designs can be, but the potential is pretty exciting.

The only downside is that the designs seem to show up best on straight hair, so curly-haired gals have to break out the flat iron before trying the hair tattoo trend.

But it’s worth it, judging from all the beautiful women (and men!) rocking the look.

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