9 Statement earrings that make any simple outfit look more fancy

For several seasons, women have favored the statement necklace over all other accessories — but that’s about to change, thanks to a crop of innovative earrings that are popping up everywhere.

It’s been a while since big, bold, beautiful earrings enjoyed the spotlight they deserve. In many ways, this is totally understandable because the classic statement necklace is an overall easier accessory to digest, particularly when dressing for work or a daytime event.

But that’s one of the biggest misconceptions about big earrings. Paired with a simple sweater, jeans and heels, they immediately elevate your look and make it seem like you put in the effort, despite the comfy reality of your ensemble. Having a bad hair day? Pull your mane back into a chic low ponytail and let sparkly, colorful earrings take the place of a blowout.

Several designers sent models down their Fall 2015 runways wearing shoulder-grazing earrings and the cool trend shows no signs of slowing down for Spring 2016, where runway statement earrings got even funkier and more elaborate. Here are nine gorgeous earrings that will get you excited to jump on board this trend.

1. Colourful Crystal Earcuff

Zara earrings
Image: Zara

This dangling floral design from Zara ($16) pops with intense color but deviates from tradition by also wrapping itself around your ear to give you a more edgy twist. Love the idea of pairing these with a minimalist black turtleneck (as shown here) and slacks to allow the bold hues to take center stage.

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2. Hazel Cox Little Rock Fan Earrings

fan earrings
Image: Bell Jar

How cool are these bronze and silk earrings by designer Hazel Cox? They’re exotic, available in three stunning hues including bronze and white and just dainty enough to be worn at your Monday morning meeting (Bell Jar, $146).

3. Luna Sol Marana Earrings

robot earrings
Image: Bell Jar

There’s something otherworldly about these geometric hand stamped and oxidized brass earrings, which feature a unique hand-dyed linen cord. These would look amazing with a winter white shell top or flare jeans and a chambray shirt (Bell Jar, $92).

4. BurnedinBrooklyn Handcrafted Wooded ‘Sky Scraper’ Earrings

BurnedinBrooklyn Handcrafted Wooded 'Sky Scraper' Earrings
Image: BurnedinBrooklyn

Consider yourself a city girl at heart? These handmade beauties, which are crafted in Brooklyn using birch wood and gold, are a tribute to the architectural gems that make cities so great. Your LBD will get a major boost from these drop earrings — and the best part is that each pair is burned by hand, so you can be sure you’ve got an original piece of wearable art (BurnedinBrooklyn, $62).

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5. DareToDaret Tassle Earrings

DareToDaret Tassle Earrings
Image: Etsy

Tassel earrings are big news this season and these handmade, bohemian stunners take the style one step further by incorporating brass, metal, rhinestones and cabochons to bring you a whole new interpretation on the trend. If you’re the type of fashionista who is over trends before they begin, these tribal-inspired earrings are tailor made for you (Etsy, $39).

6. Abstract Faces

Abstract Faces
Image: Etsy

Feeling artsy? These silvertone clay dangle earrings are as pretty as a Picasso — and will probably inspire perfect strangers to stop you on the street and ask you where you got them (Etsy, $22).

7. Tribal Crescent Moon Earrings

Tribal Crescent Moon Earrings
Image: Etsy

Bored with traditional hoop earrings but still dig their shape? These copper and gold half moon earrings feature a raw amethyst, which is thought by some to be a spiritual stone that can center and ground you — which is a pretty sweet added bonus (Etsy, $60).

8. No Place Like Roam Earrings

map earrings
Image: Modcloth

If you’ve got wanderlust but, unfortunately, also have a full-time job you can’t pick up and leave, these cool map-adorned hexagons will get you through the day. An interesting combo of vintage and modern design (Modcloth, $25).

9. ASOS Tigers Eye ’70s Tassel Earrings

ASOS Tigers Eye '70s Tassel Earrings
Image: Asos

These perfect, ’70s-inspired earrings are just what your flare jeans and fringe purse need to complete a gorgeous bohemian look (Asos, $22).


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