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How to tastefully incorporate gold decor into your home

Keen to refresh your home decor, but not quite sure where to start? The sparkling metallic hues of gold, rose gold and copper could be just the accent you’re looking for.

According to interior designer Stephanie Gamble, most people “haven’t caught on that the gold is back”.

“I love all the golds… the brass, bronze, copper and rose golds,” Gamble says. “For so long it was the silver, but gold has an everlasting elegance that is warm and sophisticated and, of course, sparkly.”

Rose gold in particular is a “very warm” tone that can be introduced to most homes without looking over the top, she adds, and it can be paired with a pastel palette for a modern, soft effect.

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For ideas on how you can tastefully incorporate gold tones into your home, I’ve compiled some inspiration.

In the bedroom

Gold lamps and mirrored drawers create a warm, elegant feel.

Gold bedroom decor
Image: Getty Images/Peter Mukherjee

Ornate lighting on the ceiling and bedside tables adds instant glamour and opulence to this master bedroom.

Gold bedroom
Image: Getty Images/ondatra-m

Embrace the trend in an affordable way by refreshing your bed with bold gold manchester.

gold red bedding
Image: Getty Images/Cheryl Bigman

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In your living areas

Gold accents add glamour and light to darker rooms.

gold decor dark walls home living
Image: Feast Watson
kmart gold accessories
Image: Kmart
  • Copper ceramic vase 30 centimetres, $12, Kmart
  • Rose gold and wood desk lamp, $20, Kmart
  • Gold glass with scented candle, fig and vanilla, $6, Kmart
rose gold clock
Image: Getty Images/anzeletti

On the walls

Gold wall options

Image: Kmart/My Sweet Prints

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