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Lucky kitten saved by brave motorcyclist just in the nick of time (VIDEO)

If you were waiting to make a left turn at a traffic light and suddenly saw a small kitten out of the corner of your eye, what would you do?

That was the question the woman in this video was faced with when she realized what she thought was a large brown leaf was in fact a tiny orange kitten in the middle of a busy intersection. Fortunately her instinct was that of any animal lover — she sprang into action to save the frightened feline.

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Did anyone else’s heart jump into their throat watching that? When the truck pulling the tractor came within inches of the little fur ball, I genuinely could not look. But nevertheless, our heroine jumped off her motorcycle and held her arms out like Moses parting the Red Sea to rescue her. Both could’ve easily been killed, but some people just don’t think about their own safety at all when something more vulnerable is in danger.

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It was perhaps the most seamless rescue mission ever caught on camera. Thanks to our motorcyclist’s helmet GoPro, we get to see the whole turn of events from her POV. This makes it all the more exciting/terrifying, because it feels like we, the spectators, are literally in the driver’s seat. Steven Spielberg would be proud.

By the end of the video, it’s pretty clear this little kitten will be in good hands with her bold savior, who puts her into her helmet for safekeeping. According to Fox 17 North Michigan, the woman did indeed decide to keep the wayward kitten and gave her the perfect name — Skidmark.

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