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How to decorate with trendy accessories without being a hipster

No matter what home decor store you shop at most frequently, you’re bound to notice the abundance of industrial decor on the shelves. Instead of running for cover from the nearby hipsters, embrace their trend and add a few of their lovely, adaptable decor staples to your home.

Anything vintage

vintage fan
Image: Bed Bath & Beyond

Perhaps the most popular hipster decor accessory of them all, the vintage fan is also the most adaptable. Available in a variety of colors including this beloved mint green, a vintage fan looks best in a kitchen or family room setting. (Bed Bath & Beyond, $59)

Ethnic everything

mexican blanket
Image: Toms

Whether it’s a dream catcher or Mexican blanket, there is no limit on where you can place your ethnic home accessory. Best to be true to its original origin, a Mexican blanket is adaptable in any room for a throw or couch cover, whereas a dream catcher is best placed above a bed. (Toms, $42)

All metal furniture

metal industrial furniture
Image: World Market

While most of our list is easily adaptable to your home, a large metal industrial hunk of furniture such as this metal Bexley media stand will be a very obvious statement. But don’t let this sway you from adding such a piece to your home, as not only is it timeless, it’s also true to its name, with an industrial-strength staying power that will withstand the tests of time. (World Market, $630)

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Faux taxidermy

faux antlers
Image: Pottery Barn

Regardless of whether or not you’re a hunter, hipster or industrial decor lover, faux taxidermy has some pretty attractive qualities. Not only can it be hung throughout the season, similar to this pair of antlers, it can also serve a functional purpose. (Pottery Barn, $69)

Geometric design

geo wall art
Image: Urban Outfitters

Nothing says hipster quite like a few geometric shapes but for a light and breezy look, this minimalist style can be both simple and universal. (Urban Outfitters, $19)

Vintage metal stools and chairs

metal stool
Image: Living Spaces

Similar to metal made furniture, the metal stool and chair is industrial chic on stilettos. Its popularity shines through for the fact that not only is it an adaptable piece of furniture with its deep silver hue, it is also durable and attractive. (Living Spaces, $50)

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Pendant lighting

pendant light
Image: Home Depot

Pendant lights are all over home improvement stores, and for good reason, they’re both attractive and multipurpose. Great for use above a dining room table, entryway or as bedside lighting, this bronzed pendant light is an inexpensive and creative use of lighting that we regular folks can enjoy just as much as the hipsters. (Home Depot, $30)

Wire baskets

wire baskets
Image: Anthropologie

In a world filled with so many basket and bin options it’s hard to choose just one. Go with what is the most multifunctional, which is that of the wire basket. Available in a variety of color options, these baskets can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or garage to store whatever you please. (Anthropologie, $118)

Club chair

club chair
Image: Target

Despite public opinion, club chairs are not just for grandpas and hipsters. An excellent addition to any sitting room, living room or bedroom reading nook, the club chair is both versatile and timeless, especially in this chocolate brown. (Target, $383 – $423)

Piping for drapes, shelving, wall hooks, etc.

pipe drapery rods
Image: West Elm

If you’re anything like the rest of us, you probably have either pinned or eyed something to do with piping. Don’t fear, as these industrial staples are just as versatile as the rest of this list. Sturdy and attractive, these pipe drapery rods can literally go with any decor style. (West Elm, $79 – $109)

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