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How to enjoy the perks of living as a single woman in New York City

Krystal Baptiste

Living in New York as a single woman has its advantages and disadvantages. The best parts of being single involve having more time to take care of your well-being, enjoying your favorite hobbies and shopping trips without the nagging question: “Are you done yet?”

I have moments of weakness where I wish I had someone to cuddle with, converse about my daily adventures or just enjoy spontaneous date nights. I have friends who are either in successful long term relationships or married. As much as I would want to achieve that level in the love department, I need to learn how to develop a successful long term relationship with myself. To graduate from the school of self-love, I compiled a list of perks of living as a single New York Woman.

Spending more quality time with myself

I have time to fix my worst qualities while improving on my best qualities. I want to be the best — not perfect — image of myself for myself. The best way to spend some quality time with myself is living in an apartment on my own.

Taking time to practice meditation and yoga

I love yoga and meditation. It is like letting go of the negative weight from my past relationships and beginning a new outlook on life. Plus, yoga helps me shed some pounds while improving my flexibility. Guys like that, right? Flexibility?

Focusing on career and talent development

In the past, I experienced my fair share of negativity whenever I talked about my dream writing career. They would constantly tell me that I couldn’t do it or that it is impossible. Being single, I can believe that I can become a successful writer. I can be my own self-motivator. I have more time for myself to shape and improve my craft.

Creating a Prince Charming wish list

I have an opportunity to sit down and think about the qualities I need in my future partner. In the past, I had a bad habit of jumping into relationships without thinking about the qualities I need in my potential partner. It always ends badly. It is time to break the cycle.

Understanding a relationship can happen in the future

If I take advantage of these perks, I will find my Prince Charming someday. Until that day comes, I will be my own dream partner and do what is best for my heart. Living the single life as a New York woman is a wonderful life filled with wonder and adventure. If you are single, don’t feel discouraged. Love yourself before you give your heart to another.

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