8 Perfect gifts for the dachshund lover in your life

Oct 26, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. ET
Image: Believe/Getty Images

Dachshunds. Doxies. Wiener Dogs. Dachsies. Sausages. Hot Dogs. There are so many names for the low-riding dogs that are known for their spunk, curiosity and friendliness. These traits, along with their unique look, are the reason the breed is ranked 11th by the American Kennel Club and have captured the hearts of many.

For those looking for an amazing gift for the dachshund lovers in their lives, we have you covered. Here are eight perfect products:

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1. Engraved dachshund rolling pin for cookies $33

Image: Etsy

For those doxie lovers that find their dogs just so irresistible they could just eat them up, well, now they kind of can. This handmade beech wood roller from Housemate Artist is engraved with a Dachshund pattern and can make delicious, adorable cookies for the wiener dog fans.

2. Doxie luxe tote $28

Image: Bean Goods

Well, if you want to do a knock-off Chanel, there is no better way to do it then doxie style. This 100 percent canvas tote from Bean Goods is screen-printed. Also, Karlie Kloss has been spotted sporting one of these high-fashion bags.

3. Dachshund wrap ring $13.75

Image: Etsy

What could be better than a dog-bling ring? Perfect Fit Jewels' wraparound accessory hugs your finger with a head and paws practically touching. Besides being very chic, it is also a great conversation piece. It comes in antique silver, antique bronze and gun black.

4. Stylish dachshund prints $10

Image: Studio Lisa Bengtsson

Swedish designer Lisa Bengtsson creates funky and playful illustrations showing off her love of dachshunds. These cool prints aren't too over the top and would make a great addition to a wall.

5. Cute doxie onesie $27.29

Image: Etsy

It is never too early to become a dachshund lover. With wiener dogs printed on crisp cotton and the message "Worth the Long Wait," this adorable onesie made by LovBugBoutique is perfect for a little one.

6. 'Hello and Goodbye' doxie print $22.00

Perfect for the office or entryway of a home, this "Hello and Goodbye" print from Fancy Huli will amuse passersby. The print's size is 8 x 10 and printed on high-quality, acid-free Japanese paper.

7. Dachshund tea towels $15

Image: Bottle Green Homes

Washing dishes can now be a little bit more enjoyable with these fun dachshund tea towels from Bottle Green Homes. Described as "super slinky," "determined" or "dashing," these towels perfectly capture a doxie's personality. (Price is in English pounds so approximate)

8. Dashies cutting board $25

Image: Etsy

This is the perfect gift for those that believe a way to a doxie lover's heart is through her stomach. The cutting board from RedBarnAustralia is made from hand-selected timber and oiled with food safe oil for protection and is a great housewarming gift for the dachshund lover in your life.