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This ginger-haired rabbit and cat duo is our favorite fall friendship

The best kinds of friendships are the ones that no one expects. Case in point: Wallace the rabbit and his feline, ginger twin, Gus.

These two fur buddies may not be the same species, but that hasn’t stopped them from doing absolutely everything together. Wallace, a gigantic Flemish rabbit, has met his match in the form of his owner’s equally giant, orange tabby cat. The two pets get in all sorts of trouble together, most of which is well documented by their owner on Instagram. While the page seems to belong to Wallace, because of their close relationship, Gus occupies a large part of it (and not just because he himself is large).

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Their owner is not the only one who’s a big fan of her pumpkin-spice-latte-colored pets. Wallace is not even a year old (he was born in December of last year), but his page has already amassed 6,000 followers. After seeing some of our favorite photos and videos, you’ll understand why people are going crazy for this fall’s cutest duo.

1. They’re napping buddies

It’s always cozier with your furry friend right up against you.

2. They keep it clean

It’s hard work keeping those gorgeous auburn coats sleek and shiny.

3. Sometimes, they cheat on their diets

Hey, if no one saw it, then it’s not cheating, right?

4. Wallace is the perfect headrest

It might look compromising, but they make sure to switch off every other day.

5. Sometimes they fight

But don’t worry, they always make up afterward.

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6. They know when it’s food time

And they also know whose job it is to feed them.

7. They enjoy a good stretch

But honestly, who doesn’t?

8. Wallace even tolerates dogs
Although he is rather wary of Maybel.

9. They steal each other’s beds

“I’ve waited long enough, sir, but it’s time to vacate the premises!”

“Well played, sir.”

10. Here’s their Halloween couple costume
Wallace is a hula girl, and Gus is himself on vacation.

11. Ginger kisses

At the end of the day, there’s nothing but love between these two funny characters.

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