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We’re not sure if Pico’s cat handbags are tremendous or terrifying

Love cats? Can’t get enough of handbags? Congratulations — your Christmas has come early… maybe.

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A Japanese woman named Pico has created a range of extremely lifelike cat handbags and they’re going down a treat on Twitter.

The handmade bags have individual markings, whiskers, a tail and a collar with lead that doubles up as a strap. According to Rocket News 24, Pico stitches each bag by hand before airbrushing with acrylic paint to create realistic fur markings.

So crazy are cat lovers for the bags they’re paying up to 83,000 yen (£450) for them.

Pico cat handbag
Image: Picopoco08/Twitter

For those days when you want to sling your cat over your shoulder, y’know. (Is it just us or does that cat look less than happy to be there?)

pico cat handbag
Image: Picopoco08/Twitter

Pico also makes cat purses with zips on top of their heads and long straps.

Pico cat handbag
Image: Picopoco08/Twitter

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And even a snazzy inner lining.

Pico cat handbags
Image: Picopoco08/Twitter

This black cat bag even comes with a natty straw hat. Because in a world where cats can be worn as handbags they can rock headwear too, right?!

Pico cat handbag
Image: Picopoco08/Twitter

Unfortunately — despite the huge demand — Pico has no immediate plans to sell her cat bags outside her native Japan so we’ll just have to make do with keeping up with her designs on Twitter.

What do you think of Pico’s cat handbags? Let us know whether you think they’re wonderful, or just plain weird, in the comments below.

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