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Twitter teaches a sexist man how to make a sandwich

We’re all bored of the “women belong in the kitchen” jokes, but it does appear that one man really needs our help in that department, because his sandwich-making skills are seriously lacking.

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What began as Milo Yiannopoulos’ attempt at making a sexist joke has quickly backfired and turned into a hilarious Internet parody about how to make a real sandwich. Yiannopoulos tweeted about #WorldPatriarchyDay, along with the very charming caption “Well, bitch? I’m waiting.”

These words of wisdom were posted with an image of some stale-looking bread, a gross block of cheese and some questionable spread, but the best part about the entire picture is those pink socks.

The Internet has reacted in the best way possible thanks to @theshrillest, who spurred the movement.

Pure brilliance.

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And now Twitter is filled with genius #MiloSandwich hashtags.

Because who needs a sandwich with cheese when you have a cat?

The toy soldiers are bound to add some extra crunch to that sandwich.

Once again, those socks make a welcome addition — plus we love the pizza cutter.

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Those man tears must be stinging!

Did he ever get his sandwich?

Dear Milo, you’ve been schooled. Yours faithfully, the Internet.

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