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Woman with 36C bra size learns she’s been wearing bras 6 sizes too small

Shopping for bras is a trial for most women. Whether you’re looking for something showy and sexy, or just an everyday T-shirt bra, it’s not so easy to find a perfect fit on your own.

If you’re rolling your eyes at this already, that’s probably because you’ve worn the same (or similar) bra size all your life, and think you’re perfectly comfortable in it. That’s what Daily Mail writer Caroline Garnar thought too before she met with a “bra whisperer.”

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What in the world is a bra whisperer, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s a bra expert who specializes in just looking at you and figuring out whether or not you’re wearing the right size bra for your body. Spoiler alert: You’re probably not.

Garnar was convinced she was the bra size she’s been wearing ever since her breasts reached their full size — a 36C. She had always felt fine in her bras, so when she heard that a bra whisperer company called Curvy Kate was claiming 90 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size, she wanted to put them to the test. All she did was send them a picture of herself fully clothed from the front and the side. When she heard what size specialist Chantelle Crab suggest she try, she was floored.

Crab said Garnar was actually wearing a bra six sizes too small. That’s like saying a woman who thinks she’s a cup size A is actually an F! Well, maybe not that extreme since they’re talking her chest width as well as cup size, but you get the idea. Just by looking at a picture of Garnar in a sweater, Crab declared her to be a [drumroll]…. 30G!

Garnar was, of course, somewhat dubious about this suggestion, considering she actually thought she might need to go up a chest width size rather than down. However, in the name of science, she decided to take her at her word and try the 30G. What she discovered was pretty amazing.

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While the bra was a bit snug at first (she’s used to straps that are much looser), Garnar quickly got acclimated to it and immediately noticed some exciting differences. She stood much straighter in a properly fitted bra, and her boobs looked a whole lot perkier.

See, what happens when your bra is too loose is the chest band starts to rise up in the back as the weight of your breasts pulls on it throughout the day. When that happens, your breasts begin to sag, and you get that all too familiar cutting feeling in your shoulders from the bra straps.

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According to Curvy Kate, a well-fitting bra should not curve up in the back at all. It should fit snuggly against your rib cage, including all of the underwire. As far as cup fit goes, there should be no skin bulging over the tops, or gaping of fabric. If your underwire digs in or chafes you, it’s not because the bra is too small, but rather too large, and therefore has room to move and poke you in places.

If you’re suffering from any of these bra problems, email a picture of yourself to, and let a bra whisperer diagnose you. Your boobs will definitely thank you for it.

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