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Cat dressed as a pirate is the best thing we’ve ever seen (WATCH)

Who says Halloween is only for people? A ginger tabby is proving it most certainly does not have to be, as he takes over the Internet with his sheer awesomeness. And a hook.

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Move over, scary spiders, creepy skeletons and lame pumpkin costumes. This cat has Halloween sorted with his pirate costume, complete with hook and a nifty pirate hat. All that’s missing is a parrot on his shoulder, but that probably wouldn’t have worked out too well (for obvious reasons).

Pirate Cat costume wins the internet
Image: ViralVideoUK/YouTube

According to Mashable, the cat’s name is Zeon (Captain Zeon to the rest of us), and he has some serious attitude. But the thing that gives this video bonus points — and elevates its status from just another cat-in-a-costume video — is the fantastic death stare Zeon is giving his owner for making him dress up as a pirate.

Pirate Cat costume wins the internet
Image: ViralVideoUK/YouTube

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This little cutie might not be loving his look, but the Internet really is. In fact, it’s time to surrrrrender the booty (or at the very least the Internet gold), because Zeon’s owners have won the Internet with their pirate cat costume.

For a cuteness overload, watch the video below.

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Is this the best thing you’ve seen all day? Let us know in the comments below.

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