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See 100 years of Halloween costumes in just 3 minutes (WATCH)

There’s one thing to know for certain about Halloween: The costumes 100 years ago were way creepier than anything we can dream up today.

At least, that’s what Mode makes it seem like with its latest video exploring the past 10 decades of Halloween garb.

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The Web site’s latest video first takes us back to the early part of the 1900s when witches and a very creepy Minnie Mouse were the costumes du jour. As time wore on, hemlines got shorter and costumes got more flirty.

It wan’t until recent years that costumes went from traditional to timely. In 2005, the costume was Britney Spears’ “Baby One More Time,” which seemed a little outdated for that time, but OK. But 2015’s costume of Kim Kardashian’s Internet-breaking pose is definitely timely — and I’ll admit, it’s a pretty ingenious costume idea.

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Much better than, say, Donald Trump.

Most of the all, the video shows that the idea behind Halloween is having fun and taking time out to be silly and transform into someone else.

And if you’re reading, Mode, we have a new idea: 100 years of Halloween makeup. Vloggers are killing it with their intricate Halloween transformations right now and we’d like to see how it’s evolved over time.

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