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15 Easy ways washi tape can transform your DIY projects

Washi tape, for the uninitiated, is a decorative masking tape that comes in pretty much every pattern, color and embellishment you can dream up. Because it is made of natural fibers, you can stick it on pretty much any surface without doing any damage.

The best part? Washi tape is perfect for the decoratively disinclined. It’s super easy to use, a relatively cheap way to add a little color to your home, and if you mess up? Just rip off another piece and start again. If you’re into it, but not sure where to start, here are 15 great projects that you can do lickety-split.

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1. Make a cool wall decal

Image: Over the Big Moon

Because washi tape comes off without tearing up the paint on your wall, it’s easy to stay on trend.

2. Seriously, make a cool wall decal

Image: Homey Oh My!

It’s also perfectly suited to geometric designs.

3. Punch up your makeup brushes

Image: Our Fifth House

You can make sure your brushes match your decor.

4. Sweeten a switchplate

Image: Washi Tape Crafts

If you get gloss finish washi, it will be easier to wipe clean, as well.

5. Decorate a bookshelf — no paint required

Image: Honey We’re Home

Plus, you can change it out as your tastes change.

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6. Keep your cords looking pretty…

Image: The Chic Site

And organized!

7. Make an erasable whiteboard

Image: i heart naptime

These are a super cheap way to make some interesting decor, plus they make great gifts.

8. Decorate some clothespins

Image: The Pin Junkie

You can attach magnets or use them as pretty binder clips.

9. Make some renter-friendly frames

Image: ao life

Want your security deposit back? These frames will make sure you do.

10. Craft some mini-pallet coasters

Image: Washi Tape Crafts

These adorable coasters will save your surfaces.

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11. Modernize a tray

Image: Lovely Little Life

And when you want to change it, just strip off the tape and try again.

12. Get artsy with it

Image: Swoon Studio

Forget expensive prints. A dollar store frame and a little inspiration will get you everywhere.

13. Personalize a monogram

Image: Living Locurto

Personalizing an item that serves a personalization purpose? It’s so meta.

14. Update your fridge on the cheap

Image: Kate’s Design Space

OK, technically this is duct tape, washi tape’s big, beefy brother. But doesn’t that look awesome? Stainless steel is passé anyway.

15. Spruce up a door

Image: Crab and Fish

Painting or swapping out doors is a hassle and a half. Do this instead.

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