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Rapid Reads: 6 Big stories of the day

It’s the end of the week, but the news never stops. Here are the top stories everyone will be talking about:

1. Trump tantrum

Donald Trump is threatening to boycott the next GOP debate unless CNBC agrees to make it no longer than two hours and includes opening and closing statements from each candidate — you know, basically impossible things when you have more than 10 candidates on stage and have to include commercial breaks. The reason behind the kerfuffle is Trump wants more time to talk about his platform unchallenged. Ben Carson heard about Donald’s tantrum and basically said “me too.” No word yet on whether more GOP candidates will join in, but you know how it goes. When one baby cries, the whole nursery gets excited. — CNN

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2. Well, that’s embarrassing

Wayne Simmons, who’s appeared on Fox News dozens of times as a “former CIA operative,” was arrested yesterday for, well, not ever being a CIA operative. Turns out he’s been lying about his background for decades and even used it to get government security clearances and a job as a defense contractor. Fox News reps say they never paid for Simmons for his appearances, but they refused to answer a question about how exactly they verified his background. Simmons has been charged with fraud and could face up to 35 years in prison. — Washington Post

3. Power Ranger

Today, Major Lisa Jaster becomes the third-ever female soldier to graduate from the Army Ranger School. She is the last in the group of 19 women who started the training in April. Two others completed the training and graduated, while the other 16 were dropped from the course. As of September, the school is open to any qualified soldier, but graduation does not mean automatic entry in the regiment. That has its own requirements and assessment. — USA Today

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4. Thanks for flying

US Airways will have its final flight tonight. The company has merged with American and will now fly under that name. To commemorate the occasion, passengers will be treated to “gate-side festivities” at both departure and arrival. They’ll also cheer the US Airways name with an onboard Champagne toast. By Saturday morning, US Airways signage will be gone from airports across the nation, and a brand we’ve all grown up with will be gone. — Charlotte Observer

5. The circle of life?

A Danish zoo publicly dissected a lion and people are freaking out about it. Officials at the Odense Zoo in Denmark killed the lion to avoid inbreeding among their lion population, then dissected the body as an “anatomy lesson” in front of a group of parents and school-aged kids. The locals don’t seem to take much issue with it, but many from other countries took to the zoo’s Facebook page to voice their concerns. Said one Dane in response, “This isn’t the Disney Channel. Get over it.” — ABC News

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6. Rest in peace, sort of

Airbnb, the travel accommodation rental website, is holding a contest to let one lucky winner spend Halloween night in the catacombs in Paris. The catacombs contain the remains of more than 6 million people, but only a very small portion of the underground tunnel system is open to the public. The winner of the contest will receive access to the tunnels overnight, as well as a private underground concert, bedtime storytelling and some posh accommodations set up in one of the open spaces. They’ll also probably get haunted. Like, a lot. — BBC

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