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Adorable orphaned seal returns home after being rescued by cows (PHOTOS)

You probably wouldn’t put a seal and a herd of cows together under any circumstances, but it’s time for a rethink. Celebration the seal pup became separated from her mother back in June, and she has 30 cows to thank for coming to her rescue.

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According to Natureland Seal Sanctuary in Skegness, Celebration ended up on the RSPB Reserve at Frampton Marshes. Mr Ian Ellis, a bird-watcher, spotted the herd of cows “behaving strangely” near a muddy puddle, and went to investigate.

He discovered the tiny seal in the mud, without her mother, but the centre of attention for the curious cows.

Orphaned seal rescued by cows
Image: Natureland Seal Sanctuary/Facebook

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Mr Ellis contacted wardens of the RSPB Reserve and Skegness Natureland. Under the instruction of Duncan Yeadon, one of Natureland’s directors, Mr Ellis and RSPB Staff Warden Toby Collett safely moved the pup out of the mud, and staff from Natureland then went out to collect her.

“Once we got the pup back to Natureland, she went straight into the Seal Hospital to begin treatment,” said another of Natureland’s directors, Richard Yeadon. “Her main problem is that at only 5 days old, she was orphaned and therefore had not fed for a while, she had lost quite a lot of weight and was dehydrated.”

Orphaned seal rescued by cows
Image: Natureland Seal Sanctuary/Facebook

After her rescue, Celebration continued her rehabilitation process, receiving medical treatment for a lung infection. Now that she is a healthy weight and is able to feed in the water by herself, she has been released back into the wild.

The Dodo reported that on Tuesday, Celebration, together with Charlie, a fellow rescue seal pup, was taken back to her natural ocean home.

Celebration seal pup released to the wild
Image: Natureland Seal Sanctuary
Celebration the seal pup released into the ocean
Image: Natureland Seal Sanctuary

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