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Vagina emojis are here, and they are glorious

My dentist sends me wide-grinning, open-mouth emojis yearly, reminding me to floss. My husband sends me cat emojis to let me know we’re out of kitty litter. The last emoji I received was from my mom. She texted me five winky faces in a row along with a text wishing me a “good night.” Emojis have become part of our daily lexicon, but until now, I haven’t been drawn to use them myself.

But earlier this month, Flirtmoji, a sex-positive start-up, released the most beautiful, diverse and realistic set of vagina emojis ever to grace your iPhone screen. And I’m hooked. They are asymmetrical, lopsided and sport long, delicate tendrils. In short, they are glorious, and you should be proud to use them.

vagina emoji
Image: Flirtmoji

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I’ve always been aware of the emoji-as-sext potential, but until now, we’ve had to rely on makeshift combinations of emojis to depict our lady gardens (woman + flower emoji). Unfortunately recipients might not always know what we’re getting at (“You want me to send my mom some flowers?”). Charades and puzzles can be fun at parties, but when you want a special someone to come over in a hurry, don’t waste your time with pizza emojis. Unless you want something to share together after.

OK, but will using these clever vagina emojis improve your sex life? Maybe not, but for some, not having the right tools to communicate their desire can make navigating sexy seas tricky and uncomfortable. Flirtmoji believes that “good communication and good sex are inextricable. When we ask, explain, and consent we improve our sexual experiences.” They believe in the power of using symbols to “communicate complex (and sometimes intimidating) desires, concerns, and flirtations.”

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Sketching vagina emojis can’t be done on whim either. Flirtmoji artist Katy McCarthy tells SheKnows, “I almost always start by making an old-fashioned line drawing in my sketchbook, and we definitely source our inspiration images widely. Daily I am rejuvenated and sent to the drawing board by the plethora of user-uploaded images on blogs and Tumblrs. I have also used my computer camera to photograph and draw my body. Use what you have…” Makes sense to us.

With a mission to make sex icons for everyone, McCarthy and fellow Flirtmoji artist Jeremy Yingling’s goals are to “visualize the entire spectrum of safe and consensual sex and to do so with a full range of body shapes and sizes and assorted objects. It’s not a small goal, but it gets us out of bed in the morning.”

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For now, they’ve been restricted from selling in App Store (the reason is explained here), so Flirtmojis can be copied and pasted from the group’s website. The first set is free, and each group of images after that costs $1.

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