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Dog-obsessed couple share home with 41 pooches

Wondering if you can cope with the responsibility of a puppy? It might not seem so daunting when you consider the daily life of Lynn and Tony Everett, who share their home with 41 dogs.

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Yes, that’s right: 41 dogs. Three Chinese cresteds, four Chihuahuas, 10 miniature bull terriers and 24 French bulldogs to be exact.

The Everetts, who appeared on Channel 5’s 41 Dogs In A 3 Bed Semi, certainly have their hands full. “It’s hard work with 41 dogs but I love every minute and I wouldn’t swap it,” said Lynn, 58. “Some people want to be nurses, some want to work in offices, all I have ever wanted to is to have lots of dogs. (sic)”

It could be said that Tony, 67, although also a dog lover, doesn’t quite share his wife’s enthusiasm for a home overrun with pooches. “Lynn and myself will have so many arguments about pups, it’s almost impossible to live with,” he admitted, revealing that they haven’t been able to go on holiday since their honeymoon 21 years ago. Which is no surprise — who is going to offer to look after 41 dogs?

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Marital strife aside, the main problem with having 41 dogs is other people’s reactions. “We get a lot of abuse, I have been called dirty, smelly b****, why do they say things like that?” said Lynn, who covers the costs of keeping the dogs by breeding, using her pedigree dogs as stud dogs. “If they have a problem they are small minded, it’s my choice what I do with my time. (sic)”

Unbelievably Lynn is desperate for even more dogs — but her local council has drawn the line at 41.

Life with 41 dogs: the reality

  • Dog walks require 120 poop scoops
  • Meal preparation takes 2 hours per day
  • 15,000 dog meals are made each year
  • The annual cost is £30,000 

How many dogs is too many? Let us know in the comments section below.

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