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Beauty blogger provides the most scarily awesome Halloween inspiration

Halloween is just around the corner, and beauty blogger Emma Hedman has given us all the inspiration we need with her creepy but spectacular makeup creations.

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Hedman, who hails from Stockholm, Sweden, is quickly gaining popularity on social media and already has over 5,000 followers on her Instagram account. What’s most impressive about her work is that she has no professional training whatsoever, and every single one of her looks is created using only makeup.

According to Daily Mail, Hedman’s makeup artistry juices started flowing merely as a way of passing time on her maternity leave, but they have since evolved into some serious masterpieces.

This look is definitely going to scare the pants off everyone on Halloween. Yikes.

Who knew mermaids could be so terrifying?

Hedman reportedly spends up to two hours completing each piece of work before immortalising it in a photograph.

The age transformation with this makeup is remarkable.

We seriously think she could have a career on the sets of some of the goriest horror films.

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True Blood vampire meets The Walking Dead?

Andy Warhol would have been proud.

Seriously, we’re going to have nightmares tonight.

This doll could give the Bride of Chucky a run for its money.

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Are you impressed? Or just simply terrified? Let us know your thoughts on Emma Hedman’s looks in the comments below.

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