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Rapid Reads: 6 Big stories of the day

It’s Wednesday, but we’ll spare you the “hump day” jokes. Instead, check out the Cliffsnotes version of your morning news. Here are the top stories everyone will be talking about:

1. #DemDebate

Last night was the first Democratic presidential debate, though they could change the name to The Hillary and Bernie Show and no one would know the difference. The debate gave all the candidates a chance to make their platforms known, but Clinton and Sanders were by far the most prepared and came in swinging. Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley also made a good showing for himself. Analysts aren’t predicting much movement in the polls, but it was a strong start for the Democratic Party. Stay tuned for more in-depth coverage throughout the day. — CNN

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2. Bye bye, birdies

Yesterday Twitter announced plans to lay off eight percent of its global workforce, which amounts to more than 300 employees. The layoffs are intended to “streamline” Twitter’s workforce, making it smaller and more productive. They’re offering 60 days of pay to terminated employees and will allow them to keep their benefits until December. In total, the layoffs will cost Twitter about $15 million. — Recode

3. In your face, Congress

Planned Parenthood will no longer accept reimbursements to cover the costs of collecting fetal tissue donations that are used in scientific research. The change is an effort to move beyond the controversy caused by those doctored videos that came out a few months ago and claim to show Planned Parenthood employees talking about “profits” from tissue donation. The videos led to several congressional investigations (which found no evidence of wrongdoing) and almost caused a government shutdown. To make things easier for the ignorant and confused, Planned Parenthood is just doing away with reimbursements entirely. — NPR

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4. It’s about time

Yesterday, a jury found a Milwaukee gun shop negligent in the shooting of two cops and ordered the owners to pay out $6 million in damages. The cops filed the lawsuit against Badger Guns not only because they were shot with a weapon purchased from the store under questionable circumstances, but also because more than 500 weapons from the store have been found at crime scenes in the area. Gun stores are rarely held responsible for shootings. — Chicago Tribune

5. Historic victory

Last night the Chicago Cubs won the National League Division Series and will advance to the next round of the playoffs. This is the first time the Cubs have won a playoff series at home and only the second time they’ve won a playoff series at all since their last World Series bid in 1908. Needless to say, it was kind of a big deal. There was mass chaos. Players and coaches were taking selfies on the field. The Cubs will go on to face the winner of the current match-up between the Mets and the Dodgers. Hopefully they can keep the momentum going. — US News

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6. Tracy takes the stage

Last night Tracy Morgan performed stand-up for the first time since the awful car accident that left him in a coma for two weeks. The beloved comedian did an impromptu show at New York’s Comedy Cellar and tweeted a photo of the evening with the caption, “Picking up the pieces.” This weekend he’ll host Saturday Night Live. Almost 16 months ago, Morgan’s Mercedes was hit by a truck in an accident that left him fighting for his life. In a June interview, he promised to get back to comedy, and it looks like he is doing just that. We’re glad to have you back, Tracy. — Gothamist

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