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Ask a Raging Feminist: What answers does Hillary Clinton owe women?

While Hillary Clinton may have fielded a bunch of pointed questions at the first Democratic debate last night (enough with the email inquiries, already — even Bernie Sanders agrees!), there are still many more questions that need to be addressed. Fortunately our team of Raging Feminists is here to ask them. And who knows? Maybe some of them might even make their way into the next debate!

If you had the chance, what would you ask Hillary Clinton?

‘Why haven’t you publicly condemned the slut-shaming against Monica Lewinsky?’ Whatever you think of the Clinton-Lewinsky affair, it seems clear to me that the way we talk about Monica is pretty messed up, and with her TED Talk from earlier in the year, she’s becoming a pretty interesting feminist icon. I believe that Hillary cares about feminism, but it’s hard for me to see that when she speaks so dismissively of Monica, and I would encourage her to change that.” — Carrie Nelson

How do you plan to incorporate the advocacy of reproductive justice groups like URGE, NLIRH, NNAF & All* Above All, that center the voices of youth, people of color and the poor into policy that would dismantle the legacy of “safe, legal & rare” for good? And beyond supporting and signing the EACH Woman Act into law to end abortion coverage bans like the Hyde Amendment, which has punished the poor for 39 years, how would you continue to expand the affirmative right to abortion care in this country?” — Katie Klabusich

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Now that Amnesty International has added its voice to Human Rights Watch and many other humanitarian and public health organisations in support of the full decriminalization of sex work, what about you? Criminalizing the selling and buying of sexual services violates the rights of us sex workers to health, safety and security, and threatens the right of sex workers and clients to freedom of association. As a feminist, will you make a stand for sex worker rights?” — Margaret Corvid

Why is it that Benghazi and Feminazi fall from the same sets of lips and never manage to rhyme? Is it the silent H? Because don’t stay silent, H.” — Jennifer Cumby

Why are you so awesome?!?!?!?! True story.” — Mayim Bialik

What policies will you enact to ensure that low-income parents have access to the healthy food they want to feed their families but cannot afford?” — Veronica Arreola

Please stop equivocating and once and for all take a public stance on whether or not you endorse the Diva Cup.” — Nicole Marie Rea

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What did you learn in your first campaign for president, and how do you plan on turning these lessons into a win? (Because from the cheap seats, it’s looking like dropping the shameless political maneuvers and just being real isn’t part of the plan…” — Kate A.

I would ask Hillary Clinton to get rid of my student loans. That’s what I ask all the rich people I meet.” — Ashley Black

Because Hillary has been through SO MUCH with the media treating her differently than male leaders, I would ask her, ‘What is your advice for young women who want to be taken seriously in a male-dominated field/society? If you could give them three major rules to live by, what would they be?'” — Shaindel Beers

On a scale of 10 to 10, how tired are you of people’s willingness to make every excuse for Bernie Sanders while holding you to completely impossible standards?” — Stefanie Le Jeunesse

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