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These awesome guys let their girlfriends give them bikini waxes (VIDEO)

Guys often view the things women do for beauty as barbaric, and let’s face it, they’re not wrong in some cases. Getting a bikini wax is definitely one of the most uncomfortable experiences I willingly go through on a regular basis, and all because it’s what society deems attractive.

The Egyptians were the ones to originate this painful beauty ritual thousands of years ago, except they took it one step further and removed all the hair from their head as well as their body. They actually did this one hair at a time using tweezers made of seashells. At least waxing’s come a long way since that arduous torture! After that time, hair removal became a habit of upper class women, even though it was perfectly acceptable for upper class men to grow long beards and complicated mustaches.

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However, bikini waxing didn’t come back into fashion until the 1970s (likely due to the appearance of more risqué bathing suits). Now, keeping it bare down there is common practice for women, despite the fact that it never ceases to be agonizing.

Women often comment to their male counterparts about how awful it is to get a bikini wax, and as a result, very few men choose to experience it. This may also have something to do with the fact that society doesn’t demand well-kept undercarriages from them, but I digress. Thankfully, two brave gentlemen decided to step up to the waxing table and see what all the complaining was about in the name of science, and frustrated girlfriends everywhere. Here’s what they learned.

That’s right, guys. Waxing is just as bad as we’ve been saying all these years. Now, at least two of you know the blinding pain of thick hair follicles being ripped unceremoniously out of your delicate, genital adjacent skin. It’s a good thing most of your swimsuits are long enough to cover all that hair down there, so you don’t have to keep doing this every month in the summertime in the name of beauty.

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I love that one of the girlfriends in this video actually said, “I think it’s going to be less painful than you think it’s going to be.” That’s called a false setup, everyone. She was getting him to lower his guard so that the discomfort would be all the more surprising.

Also, can we just talk about how awesome that couple is who’ve only been dating for two months?? I’ve been dating my fiancé for almost eight years, and I still don’t think I’d be comfortable ripping his pubic hair out with wax. That takes a serious amount of comfort and trust, not to mention gag reflexes. I suppose it’s like an ultimate relationship test. If you can survive letting your significant other wax your private parts, you can survive anything.

Favorite moments — when baseball tee-wearing boyfriend said, “This is going to be worse than meeting your parents,” and, “To anyone who does this, bravo, because this is insane.” Yes sir, it is, and yet for some reason women everywhere (including myself) keep doing it.

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